Sunday, December 2, 2018

DIALECTICS: angles of cognition, in the orbit of photographyNovember 10 - December 22 2018

Solo Exhibition @ Don Soker Gallery

Theodora Varnay Jones has always had a deep interest in the works of Paul Cezanne who transformed landscape painting; most radically explicitly acknowledging that what is real in art is different and independent from the actuality of nature. 
The natural world is referenced in many of Varnay Jones’ recent works. However, in her complex, layered images and sculptures, the depicted shapes and forms no longer represent any of the source objects. Their implications are their fugitive nature and changing contextual meaning. 
Rubbing, her choice of drawing technique for many of her new works has an almost photographic accuracy, yet still revealing some of her hand’s control in the process. She traces several viewpoints of her source materials, and then layers them in combination with line drawings or ghostly duplicate shapes of the depicted original. 
Additionally she explores the ambiguities found in reflections. Her drawings combined with, or based on photography, question the domineering role of the optical reality. 
Her intent of a dialogue between components is unsettled, evoking memories as well as empirical and philosophical questions. 
Consistently working in just shades of grey, she aims to strip away associations and limitations that colors would introduce to her work. The details of her works become the essential factors as universal interrelationships of context and process inform one other.

                                                    Installation, Variant in foreground



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